About the Event

The Women in Cyber Leadership series is committed to fostering a community that promotes inclusive organizational design and encourages more women to consider the cybersecurity industry as a top career choice. This series will deliver tools including guidance and networking opportunities to all participants for developing their professional brand and personal goals.

The first event in this series will showcase several women in leadership roles – discussing a relevant and timely topic in cybersecurity. We will also facilitate breakout sessions with Q&A, where these elite women panelists will share personal stories of how they “got here”.

Meet the Speakers

Ann Johnson

Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

Carol Carpenter

CMO, VMware

Jane Frankland

Owner and CEO, KnewStart

Fareedah Shaheed

CEO and founder, Sekuva


11:30am-1:35 - Welcome and Introduction
11:35am-1:45 - Fareedah Shaheed, CEO & founder of Sekuva
11:45am-11:55 - Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft
11:55-12:05pm - Carol Carpenter, CMO, VMware
12:05-12:25pm - Breakouts: We will break out into groups to hear more from each speaker and engage directly via Q&A.
12:25-12:30pm - Wrap up

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Why Attend

The impact of security breaches is no longer confined to large organizations. It’s become pervasive and personal – we all know someone who is a victim of such an attack. The cybersecurity industry must counter the menace by overcoming the stereotypes and attracting talented and result-oriented candidates. Let’s keep the conversation moving forward and celebrate the women who have contributed significantly to the industry’s success.

Join us to engage with the women leaders in cybersecurity and take this opportunity to pay it forward by becoming part of our global initiative to increase women’s participation in the cybersecurity roles.

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