Tufin Virtual Event

10.00am, March 18th, 2021

The Wider Business Benefits Tufin Offers

There are two common themes across 2021 Security Predictions – attacks are going to be directed towards home workers, and rushed cloud migrations will cause security holes, mis-configurations and challenges.

The term ‘Hyper-Automation’ is starting to appear as businesses try to do more with less by automating as many IT and business functions as they can. The volume of security alerts has become untenable for humans to manage so the move towards technology is helping organisations handle incidents more effectively, budget more accurately and utilise their workforce more effectively.

Join Tufin as we discuss how we are working with organisations to automate security policy management both on-premise and in the cloud, enabling more efficient, secure and compliant networks. We will discuss why our customers are changing their policies, their processes and most importantly, their mindsets around enabling a more effective network strategy.

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