Balancing Transformation and Security Without Compromising Agility with Zero Trust Principles

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MK Palmore
VP, Field CSO
Palo Alto Networks

Reuven Harrison
CTO and Cofounder
Scott Rose
Zero Trust

Digital transformation initiatives are fueling the migration of workloads to hybrid cloud infrastructures, resulting in widening of the network edge and further obfuscation of the enterprise-owned network boundary. This expanded attack surface coupled with ever capable and motivated threat actors, significantly increases digital risk to the enterprise.

Zero Trust is a response to the fundamental shift in the approach to securing our enterprise networks. It's principles assume that there is no implicit trust granted for resource access, and instead promote comprehensive security through validation and verification of access through micro-segmentation, least privileged access and zero touch automation.

Join our industry experts for a panel session on:

  • The role of Zero Trust paradigm is pivotal in securing networks while responding and planning for major digital transformations
  • Reducing the attack surface by securing resources from application, user, device and dependency perspective
  • Adoption of automation of access policy changes and micro-segmentation enforcement leading to agile and efficient network security architecture