Make Zero Trust a Strategic Priority

Tips and Advice from Forrester’s David Holmes


Watch David Holmes, Senior Security & Risk Analyst at Forrester, as he shares advice and insights garnered from conversations with hundreds of security & risk professionals as well as his own research.

Learn about the importance of defining a Zero Trust network access strategy and roadmap, how this will help align many other security initiatives, and the major challenges likely to be encountered. David will impart his view on:

  • Why Zero Trust should be a strategic priority that drives technology adoption
  • The importance of network segmentation, visibility, and continuous inspection to enable Zero Trust
  • How vulnerability management is integral to the success of Zero Trust initiatives and how they can work hand in hand
  • The cost, productivity, compliance and security benefits of consolidating multiple security functions into a single platform
  • Ways to leverage Zero Trust to foster close relationships with other technology teams and break down silos