Are you being tasked with securing OT & Legacy Systems?

Operational technology and legacy systems represent a significant challenge for network security teams. On one hand, you're now responsible for protecting an ever-growing landscape of systems, ranging from Industrial Control Systems (ICS) for Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) to refrigerators reminding consumers to pick up a gallon of milk. These systems are designed for monitoring, not security. On the other hand, your organization likely has some critical business operations relying heavily on legacy systems that are no longer patchable and cannot be updated without great operational impact.

Listen to experts from Fortinet and Tufin discuss the following:

• Balancing usability and security
• The convergence of OT and cloud computing
• Compensating network controls as part of a holistic strategy
• Accurately identifying and prioritizing risk
• Accelerating network segmentation projects

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Featured Speakers

Melanie Fellay

Willi Nelson

CISO for Operational Technology, Fortinet
Melanie Fellay

Ricky Egge

Director, Solutions Engineering, Tufin
Melanie Fellay

John Moran

Technical Director, Business Development, Tufin